The Name of shotgun

  • BluntForce
  • Violentforce
  • FaceKick
  • Other? leave your suggestion for the construction of a new poll with the most voted (who had more likes).

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That depends on what the shotgun is so for an old 20 gauge hunting pump would probably be the called gramps?


no,she is inspired in remngton 870 ,12 gauge shells,pump action.




When Nelson told me he was thinking of calling it something intimidating like “Facekick”, he specifically used the Bluntforce as an example (of something intimidating).

Personally, I’d rather just see the Bluntforce re-added as the Mossberg 500 again, and have both weapons.

Violentforce is a little too on the nose though.



Violentforce sounds lame


I would hope most named would be reused, bluntforce is easily the best out of all of these though.


How about faceshot


I’d personally like to see the Remington Model 870 as the “Enforcer,” due to its use both domestic and international in the hands of law enforcement and military forces. This would come in three major variations:

The Civillian Variant

This would have wooden furniture as well as the longest barrel. Capacity is 5+1 shells.

The Police Variant

This would have black synthetic furniture, making it slightly lighter, and spawn primarily in police and security locations. Capacity is 6+1 shells.

The Military Variant


This one spawns in military locations and has ghost ring sights as well as a pistol grip. Capacity is 7+1 shells.

Apart from these, other variations could spawn as well, for example the 870DM, which has a detachable magazine

Detachable Magazine Variant

Or the Masterkey:



Let’s not even delve into the possibility of interchangeable parts such as stocks, handguards, chokes, etc.



I like themed names a lot, so if it stays with the animal naming system that would be neat. Corny stuff like “Verminstrike” or “Boartusk” would keep to the early 3.0 themes, but it seems like most people want to go with “actions” for shotgun names. Directstrike? Pounder? Pommeler? When it comes to gameplay I hope there is some really strong military double action/single shot shotgun for some fun CQB risk & reward action.


How about…


The lever action should make a comeback

  • Facekick
  • Bluntforce

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who the fuck names there gun “FaceKick”

pow sch pow

“awwww Fuck! Its the Facekick!”

See if you name it bluntforce, it way better

pow sch pow

holy fuck! its the bluntforce!


Hmmmmm Shotgun would be a better name for a shotgun


Again, why would you name it the Bluntforce if it isn’t the Bluntforce?

Do you guys not want your beloved Mossberg from U3 to make a comeback alongside the Remington 870?


I do not know, 2 shotguns that do pretty much the same thing with the same caliber the 2 have a wide variety of possible paraphernalia but I would look good with another shotgun inspired by the Mossberg 500.


Quick poll,

  • Enforcer
  • Facekick
  • Violentforce

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There’s no bluntforce option so I dun vote. Even if Ya know, the gun isn’t the bluntforce.


Bluntforce is/should be already taken by police Remington 870. Try otter name (pun intended).
“Meatgrinder” can be reserved as a name for shotgun (inspirated by M45 Quadmount, called “meat chopper”). Better for semi-auto or pump action than lever action in my opinion (don’t mistake lever shotguns with lever rifles).
Can be “Henry” or “Hendrix” for Winchester lever rifle and “Wincherrystar” for Henry’s lever rifle
Name switch :3
(Hendrix -> check surnames in “Henry” article:
Hm, anotter name for shotgun: Leadhose? Leadpipe? Spit Lead?
Hm, Lead Puker sounds better (puke; puking lead; lead - metal used in bullet production. Can create a pun for “leader”: puking leader? leading puke?).