The Name of shotgun




This has been turned to a sarcastic names post.


I don’t like the majority of these names. Weapon names should reflect their purpose and origin, for example the AKM could be known as the “Avtomat” if “Kalashnikov” is not available due to copyright.


How about we mane it Mercury after no one in particular.


Adidas Knight Modernised


Wait WTF, peskys post just disappeared



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wait the fuck

those were some sweet names!
i even had more in mind!


Petition to add Scout’s Scattergun and call it this


All who agreed say aye and like the comment : P


The Cock Socker
The Ball Blaster

theses is good name


the drywall remover


The thunderclap.


The deathwish


Thunderclap should be a sniper in my opinion actually.


or how about just… the AKM?


Too generic, and it doesn’t fit with any of the other names.


maybe the name of real name of based shotgun model


BigBoomStick :smiley:


Remington -> Remingtone / Remixtone / Ringtingtong / Remmy Tong
Winchester -> Winchestar / Wincherry / Cherrystar / Vin Cheese
Benelli -> Balotelli
Mossberg -> Mossy Beard / Messy Beard / Mossy Bard / Messy Bard / Mossy Bastard / Messy Bastard