The negev from CS:GO [lots of pictures and not much words]

boring disclaimer

this post assumes that all stats of firearms and attachments is FINAL, now obviously they probably are not but i have no way of knowing what is final and what isnt and if we assume that nothing is final and subject to change, theres no point in leaving any sort of feedback about anything cause it dosen’t matter and life is pointless and we will all die one day.


The eaglefire recoil is quite high. (good)

This can be reduced greatly by equipping the scope.

This is a problem. Why?

Consider the following situations :

200m full auto spray

100m full auto spray (3rd person)

What’s bonkers is that in both clips I am NOT actually compensatign for recoil!!


This is due to how recoil in this game works, each weapon has a pattern which eventually caps out at a certain height.
With a scope equipped on the eaglefire, it is akin to the NEGEV from CS:GO (hence the post title) which also becomes a laser after a few shots.
Left = negev eaglefire
Right = naked eaglefire

I think we can all agree that the laser maplestrike from 3.0 made the game quite unfun and I personally would not like to have a repeat of the many times i have been evaporated from existence in a fraction of a second by a guy laying down 200 meters away holding down LMB.

How fix?

Make scope only reduce recoil on bolt action sniper rifles.

Thanks for read.


How about instead, recoil increases the lighter the weapon is, and putting on a scope only decreases recoil slightly overall due to the negligible amount of weight it adds.


Why makes scopes reduce recoil at all? why not just zoom?

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the argument for scopes reducing recoil on bolt action rifles is so that u can see where the bullet flies and observe the drop of the aforementioned projectile, allowing you to make a more informed decision for your next click of the left mouse button.

this only works on bolt actions bcus on everythign else it is super op and stupid (see the post above these comments)


If scopes are going to reduce recoil at all, why not just try and reduce only the visible signs of it.


Honestly, why scope should reduce recoil for bolt action (or any other) weapons at all? I mean, thats just nonsense. Lets look at dayz where its important to observe bullets trajectory, yet scopes surely doesn’t reduce recoil for guns. Recoil should only be described per gun and per grip type attachments (in bolt action rifles - bipod at some level)


Ye, scopes are made just so you can see better to aim. They don’t have any effect on recoil, so that just makes no sense to me.


what Im about to say isn’t important, but i love how the backpack wiggles when you shoot

E: but this is an interesting topic, thank you.

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