The New 4.0 Model

This is more of a question than a suggestion, but, the model Nelson put out. What software was it created in? Was it Autodesk Maya? 3DS Max? Cause not blender…

That thing nelson posted is a Maya project file. I wish someone posted a rigged skeleton in fbx.

But why would Nelson use Autodesk Maya when it costs 2000 euro per month?

It’s probably better for rigging.

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but how will he animate it, or make more models when the trial ends? if he’s even using it…

I’m sure he bought it, because he is using it for quite some time.

wait what. In Poland Maya costs above 8000 pln per month, but in euro it costs exactly 190.00 even tho 1 euro is 4 pln.

You can still use blender. And you can also use maya student version.

He’s been using Maya for several months now.

yea, it makes sense. Pretty stupid of me to think that Nelson modeld, and learnt to rig in maya within 30 days…

Yeah. To be more specific, he started using it sometime in April iirc. I believe he’s still using Blender for some of the static meshes (like most props), but that might change in the coming weeks (as he reimplements stuff with his newer workflows).


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