The new Jumping sound

I think many find it too loud. I’m worried the server log in makes my character land on arrival which could be deadly if I’m getting live raided but what is very bad to the worst is the successive jumping sounds when you are climbing upwards as there is only one same sample sound based on terrain but the landing going upwards shouldn’t be as heavy as landing downwards.


I think it’d a bit loud for sure. But I like the addition. Logging in making the sound is a bit strange too I guess. But then again I feel like you should make sound when you log in so people are aware. Idk a bit of a hard thing to say


I really like the addition and it could be slighty more quiet I guess, but it would be fine with how it is aswell. I would love to see custom ladder climbing sounds aswell - current one is just wooden/metal steps. It seems like Nelson is recently adding things that everyone noticed to miss but never really complained too much about, and I love it.


I think this addition is just perfect.
Also, there is not only one sound for each material. There are like 3 samples.
I love it! I think Nelson is gonna keep adding these things!


You can upgrade your sneaky beaky skill to make it a lot quieter.

I agree with that, but I am sure it’s going to be fixed in the next update/patch.


All my characters, the five of them are all maxed with like 6.000 skill points soon o be converted into rangefinders. So my observation or better said, listening, are based on maxed stats.

Well, don’t expect that by having the stealth level set to maximum, you will be completely soundless.
As with footsteps, your noise will decrease as you increase your stealth, but you will never reach 0 noise, and even less so now with the new falling sound.
I think it’s much fairer.

Wait, there’s a new jumping sound?


Drop sound when u fall. Just as Valorant or CSGO. To now when ur enemy drops of an altitude.
This stops ppl from running and jumping with no sound.


I don’t know why people have so much problem with stealthy 🥷 players who choose to kill with katana instead of guns. I do agree that a jump fall from buildings should make sound though. Still it’s very unpleasant to walk around my base with all that noise. I know I can use plots and camouflage barricades to reduce sound but… Can we make MATS with leathers from animals to make home a quiet place?

That could be cool actually! Maybe, some type of leather boats that reduce the sound of footsteps and the fall jump sound.

“New” Unturned Jumping Sound - YouTube

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New metal floor/roof blueprint: metal floor/roof + 10 cloth = metal floor/roof with mat. Thank you :pray: