The new look of the Steam library!

I really like the new look!
I think it looks way better and clean.


I liked the more simplistic look of the original one, this one just looks way too flashy and gets in the way. I’m probably going to do a revert soon.

literally no one:
GHJ’s Steam library during beta a month ago:

(the first 5 correspond to their appropriate games, the rest are just meme dumps because I was screwing around with custom library headers)

Also obligatory


Here's how to do it if you're wondering



do people actually like this or do i just not understand sarcasm

i installed the old UI the first moment i set my eyes on this ungodly abomination

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I like this one better. The old was was slow, bland, and you had to scroll to get to the workshop, market, and news of each game, and scrolling on the old steam Ui just didnt work. So yall BOOMERS can go back to your old steam, but us ZOOMERS like the bew ui


That picture of Ivan with a big AK had better be a stalker game.

What’s the difference between a gen z and a menalial?

why the fuck am I obsessed with the hand reaching meme please send help

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the sounds of the meeting incident still echo through my head


I kinda like it but the problem is that everything else is outdated and some game images are literally garbage.

I can’t stand the new look of the steam library.

This UI killed the workshop.

My one problem with it is you can’t access the news page from the library, not the workshop page (if I remember correctly. )

You dont need too. Any news or updates will show up in the center of the announcements area, which is the entire middle of the screen


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