The new "Mexican standoff" revolver-themed update for the Refined Pistols & SMGs mod is out

This update heavily focuses on making revolvers more of a mainstay in Unturned. The update has brought in 16 revolvers to play with, as well as ammunition to make things more fun.

These items vary from the lot of ammunition to use, to heavy arsenal like the hard-hitting Outrage based on the Taurus Raging Bull.

The link to this mod is down here:


Is that a scope and bipod on a fucking revolver


Yes it is. & I say again, it is very real & IRL the French GIGN would use this for the sake of a compact sniper.


You see ivan

Where do you get the clothes in the pictures? they are nice clothes

Custom, except the camo. A friend who makes camo clothes let me use it.

nice work, i like the beret

Nice revolvers.

I like the guns. But please make the generic clothing pack.

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