The new player sorting system

So, this update messed with the order of the map-menu displaying players and now displays them prioritized on their names, rather than the group IDs. One problem though. Now, using this menu you can’t even tell is a person on a team or not. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a friendly or enemy team. Everything is messed up. Is that intended? I kind of want the old way back. Any thoughts?

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Link to a somewhat-relevant relevant post on the GitHub repo:

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I hope there will be that new tab with group info Nelson mentioned on github. Otherwise it is a useless update (in regard to the player list).

To clarify: as stated in the patch notes and on GitHub, the change was made for performance/optimization reasons. This is especially important since the player cap now allows for servers to have a 100+ players.

There has been more interest in the setting than I would have thought, so I intend to see about adding a sort button at the top for switching between alphabetical and group sorting. :+1:


This hasn’t been discussed recently as there were other notable clouds changes in the latest game update, but a “sort by Group” button has since been added to the top of the player list.


Thanks, I already know about and use this feature. One thing that annoys me is that there is no option to make this a default setting. Every time I connect to a server I have to go and enable it manually. Still, better than not have this option at all.


Fortunately—this preference is actually saved as of the latest game version (which released onto the main branch this morning).


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