The Official servers

We all know by now that the official servers will be there for us, but here (i guess) comes the place for our request about the servers.

[This is only my opinion its not sure if it will be in the game, yes a have bad english.]

  1. Size of the map.
    Some of us, i mean the unturned community like the idea of bigger maps than russia with more nature and less town-ish land filled up with structures.

  2. The server player capacity.
    Lets be honest here with huge maps there must be enough players to kill and loot, for that i want a bigger player capacity for the servers not big just up to 100 players on huge maps, of course the smaller ones can have smaller capacity, but i think thats only on Nelson him self.

  3. Reseting / wiping.
    I think the wipe day as some of us know from the Rust is actually a medicine for the server filled up with bases and loot and much more data that can be removed.
    Also the community will hopefuly go back on the server becose whenever they got raided they will leave for a long time.
    The wipe day sshoud be like per 1-2 weeks or so, but thats again only on Nelson him self.

I guess thats it from me know.
And yes i have a bad english.

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I have always been of the idea that set wipe days would drastically increase the lifespan of most servers and its something that i have wanted for quite a while now.

I’d prefer if map sizes were emphasized over player counts. Having crowds of people gets in the way of survival gameplay, and encourages PvP.

Larger map sizes and higher server player capacities are both things that have been wanted for Unturned 3, and are planned for 4. I’d say “100 players” per map might be a bit much though, and I’d be fine with just double or 1.5x the current “24 players” we have.

Bigger maps that don’t take only 5 minutes to have visited every location would be really nice though.

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Personaly i whould like to have both situations.

Like if I want to go manhunting one day I can, and the next day when I want to set up a base with my friends in the wilderness I can.

And after, go to a modded arena, and the next play in the hardest survival setting and really get into the struggle for survival.

Really, I want unturned to have variety in its serverlist. So that way it can support a large number of people, and never get boreing.

To much pvp? Try survival, to much survival and just want to corroborate? Well found a community in a RP server and try to rebuild this hellscape.

You don’t need to do RP to cooperate. In 3.X, if you find a fairly empty survival server, with people who actually pay attention to chat, it doesn’t have to degenerate into a slaughterhouse. I don’t mind there being servers with lots of people, but 100 players seems excessive, even for PvP focused servers.

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