The Offroader from the menu is having.. some issues

Jurassic Park map confirmed :thinking: ?


Wat? not sure how that is Jurassic Park but k… its a debug offroader skin afaik

Don’t destroy my dreams D: Jurassic-park-jeep3-1-


Sorry for the miscommunication: I don’t need more money at the moment and my primary goal is always to make a fun game. Based on the negative response to vehicle skins last week I’m not planning to put them in drops. For special cases they might be used e.g. the experienced beret.

Nelson on Reddit about vehicle skins (quoting to here because this was the closest preexisting thread I could find on the issue here).

Tbh if there was a Twitch Prime reward that turned the Purple Offroader into a “Twitch Offroader Skin,” I’d be fine with that. Some people would probably complain if skins were on a per-color basis–for being “scummy” and “money-hungry” mostly likely–but I think that fixes some people’s problems anyways.

Also, cosmetics on a per-clothing item basis would “fix” the same issues some people have with cosmetics, too. Not too sure I like that as much though.

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