The option to disable pvp?

Players can choose to disable pvp before going out of safe zones and only pvp enabled player can fight each other? So there is no need for both pvp and pve servers.

That can easily be abused.
Don’t wanna die outside safe zone ? Disable PVP.
See a guy that’s stacked ? Hide away, enable PVP, kill him. Loot, disable PVP.
If you have more people playing together, you can always have 1 guy disable PVP and go around and give information in raids and so on.
If you need to reconnect to make the change between PVE/PVP, you can just exit the server, change it and connect again in a safe spot.

Then you have the fact that if you get into a chase or a fight or even a raid, when things start going south, the players can just take the most valuable loot in their inventory and go PVE to go away and hide it somewhere else.

That is a concept that only works in GTA V and even then, people still abuse it and players still don’t like it. Now, put this in a survival multiplayer game, and it gets 5x worse.


Nah but i think server owners should be able to set entire servers to PVE if required.


Very true. Maybe killing people won’t make them drop everything? Idk man the kids who kill just for fun is hard to get rid of.

The weak will be cast aside like chaff before the wind.

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I mean the whole point of it is suppose to be a lawless post apoc so i mean if someone wants to be some crazy ass dude who kills people for fun then I don’t see no problem with it. Make friends on the server and protect yourself.

This idea is very stupid to honest like darky said it can be easily abused. And KOS is a problem yes but its something that should have its pros and cons equally. But if this is happenning to you you have to find ways to move out of the SZ safely and stealthily. To me this sounds like the petualant ramblings of a child who got camped. Well just git good scrub.

That would be unfair for the players that killed another player.
It doesn’t even have to be KOS, you could be raiding or defending your base or just stuck in a firefight, where you HAVE to kill some players and instead of getting back some stuff before you leave, you’re limited to SOME of their items, instead of ALL their items. If they hoarded tons of medicine and ammo, that should be their problem and the people that killed that said player shouldn’t be “cheated” out of their spoils.

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