The problem with handcuffs and KOS

In game the target player has to put there hands up to take then hostage
The problems with that

  1. if they hear a foot step or voice they will look around and try to kill u if they have a gun.

  2. u cant tie players with rope it would be less durable the cable ties.

  3. you cant go into a alive players invatory when there restraint so what was the point of takeing them hostage all there gona do is brake out when there not looking and pull out a gun to kill u.

to fix this problem

  1. have cable ties where they have to surrender and have handcuffs lock up players when u look at there back that way sneaky beaky has a use

  2. being able to loot alive players invatorys when there restraint
    then theres a reson to KOS and take there gear

3.have killing player lose %10 experience to encourage not to KOS

First of all, you should post this in the Unturned 3.x sub-forum

Second, I disagree with the handcuffs from behind. Because I can legit go to the police station and get a bunch of handcuffs, walk up to people. Tell them “LOOK! AIRDROP!” They look, I toe them and steal everything. Can be easily abused.

I like the fact that you can take stuff from the hostage. And killing the hostage gives -10% exp

Maybe even let the handcuffs/cable ties require much more Q-E spamming

Players should not be punished for KOS. Even if it’s hated, it’s still a 100% legitimate and fair playstyle. Also, friendly players losing XP for self-defence against bandits is unfair.

Perhaps a server option