The Problems which need to be adressed in Unturned II

Hi, I know you probably know you “WON’T READ THE FULL ARTICLE” so i just want to highlight the main Problems we want to be addressed in Unturned II:-

  1. Map Design - The maps in Unturned are just similar, all are connected with roads and railways which needs to change. If a map just has wide and vast forests with small cabins in between that can be awesome. Every time its not needed for every map to has a Military base and campgrounds. Vast dense forests give a more realistic feel.

  2. Bigger Cities - The cities like Moscow, Paris are large but the feel is not realistic.
    A little more big cities can really change the whole vibe of the game.
    Also minor cities ( Alberton, Touluse etc., ) should be a little more big and have more households and living areas.
    Screenshot (127)

  3. Base Physics:- Ever seen wardrobes and crates flying in Unturned. Well that’s all because of nasty Base Physics. This needs to be stopped (In simple words just if you break the ground floor everything falls like in-real life but the storage’s will remain intact after the fall when they fall down but will need to be broken.
    Screenshot (126)

  4. Map Editor:- Really not a problem but easing things out would help a lot :-

-/- When placing underground objects the ground is automatically adjusted to the object and the ground reverts to original when that underground article is moved/removed.

-/- The Zombie/ Animal / Item spawn tables are pre-made like Object Placing Table with options for customizing them only when someone wants to.

-/- Auto-Terrain generation tool should be added with option for manual generation also
To ease it Nelson can add different options like what type of map you want to greater enhance the usefulness of the tool

  1. Map and GPS:- Every place don’t has a dedicated Map or GPS so even rough map should be used for some maps AND please the map/ GPS should be holded and viewed from the Hand of the player
  2. Songs:- Please add more songs in Stereo this time. You can also use fan response to add new songs every update of the game


These are suggestions which can make the game even more interesting:-

  1. Storage system:- Just like when you open the counters and cupboards while looting in cities our base storage lockers and cupboards should also open like that in which we can also have more locked small drawers which add to protection of our valuable stuff even more
    Just like the new Pouches added to Bag the small drawers within the big storage can have space for some items. The assortment of objects can be done using the same system with the Grid being on on corner of the screen but small.

  2. Wandering zombies:- Many times players can just go on the boundary of the city and kill 20 zombies just standing there . Zombie movement should have no boundaries. It would be awesome when zombies would lurk out in the woods out of nowhere.

  3. Campaign:- In Single player campaign to help the coalition should be added where areas can be freed from zombies

  4. Sleeping Avatars:- Our characters should be shown sleeping in bed and they can be killed by enemies like in Rust

  5. Corpse looting:- We should be able to loot the corpse of the person we just killed.
    We just not need for everything to be scattered.

Thanks for reading, Pray that Nelson reads this

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90% of this post was confirmed a long time ago.


Nobody has time to read these wonderful Trellos:


I accidentaly voted wrong ;-;


This is less of addressing problems and more of repeating considered/planned features


Well yes i know that but if you look at the community 90% people don’t know what the hell trello is even
So i have brought it down to the community on the SDG forums. Glad you know it
Also these are important features which need to be added as earliest as possible.
And yes 10% content is new which I think you have told that for yourself

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I have read them

Personally I hate sleepers, Maybe if there’s sleeper servers idk, But I pray they aren’t in official servers lol


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