The Problems with Unturned's Forum | zman1064

Hello everyone. Since another new controversual video made by zman was released, I made this post to discuss it. What do y’all think? Please, share your opinion on this.


Removed replies and locked post. This site is not a YouTube comment section, and the person relevant to the video is not an active member of this forum community.

After a preliminary investigation, there is no reason to believe that the user in question has used this site to directly engage in the behaviors or other allegations described in the video.

However, in lieu of the recent allegations the user’s account standing has been re-evaluated (and banned) due to other long-standing issues that are unrelated to the video’s contents.

EDIT: Although it does not appear that I was ever directly contacted about these allegations, such allegations are taken seriously. If you have a safety concern regarding the use of the SDG Forum, then please contact on-site moderators, or use my SDG email and contact me directly. Thank you!


Archived post (in addition to closing/locking it).