The Quintessential Unturned iceberg


I really want to know if the anomaly was something actaully coded in the game


In Unturned 2.0 the lighthouse ghost was a real thing.
iirc there would be two glowing eyes at the top of the lighthouse occasionally.


there’s more

nelson should bring it back

would be pretty terrifying if you were walking around Pei at night and then the lighthouse starts glowing red

the ((zombies))

What’s the TF2 controversy in relation to Unturned? I don’t know what that is.

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We do not talk about that /:

shrodingers anomaly

I’ve read on the subreddit that the earbuds description in Unturned were a reference to the TF2 earbuds or something and Nelson had to change it, hence the controversy. These aren’t my words though and I have no idea if any of this is true.

what’s Sanlunche: Untransformed??

Why the parenthesis – is this a reference to some obscure meme? :confused:

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idk, ((is it))?


I dunno, ask ((them))

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