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Stop comparing unturned to giant company owned high-quality open-world survival games that will destroy your Mac’s
Unturned is very simple compared to all computer destroying games and it should still run just find on your potato computers unless he adds 20 times as much detail as the pic he posted and makes the characters actually look realistic.

Unturned 3.0

Unturned 4.0




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Picture failed to load due to extreme textures. Try again when you upgrade from your weak-ass NASA-grade computers and get a real PC.


4.x. screenshot looks like something he could’ve built in roblox…

potato pcs can probably run roblox quality games

Exactly my point

But he find a way to make it not look shitty

Atleast it’s not as bright, colorful and cheery as 3.0.


Good job cherrypicking to find a pretty old image of 3.0. And here’s a thought, what if Unreal is more optimized than Unity?

w o a h

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Here’s the view from a person with 4 years into programming. I know nothing at all about the situation, just posting what I saw.

Pubg is made in unreal and dont run in good pcs even with shit graphics

That’s completely unrelated.
There’s loads of games that run on UE4 that are optimized like (forgive me for what I’m about to say) Fortnite.

Fortnite is optimizated? A little bit, it could run better considerating it’s graphics.

Huh. I always thought that Unreal in general was more optimized than Unreal was. The more you know, I guess.

That’s what I mean.

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