The scars on your weapon/guns

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Well scars i mean a symbols/engraving on your knife,bat,m1911,others. It would make gun/weapon more intresting even naming him like for ex.“carlos” or engrave a nice dog maybe both!!! It could be on central par of weapon for melee grip,haft,blade etc. guns: handgrip,barfel,stock etc.
Side note: there should be a tool that makes engraving maybe a every knife?


I don’t think we will have that, but we can customize items with name tags that have been around for a long time.

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But those name tags arent attach in any way to gun and now it would cool to have nametag appear on your gun or weapon with swinging physic

Also why not?i don’t mean to be added now or close to that.

I think it would be really cool! But its kinda hard… to have a lot of modified guns in multiple servers… I am not programmer but, i think maybe on a future it could be added. It depends on how great is supported.
Also, u gave me an idea :smiley:

Sometime ago I heard the suggestion of curated decals being voted in on the workshop. This way, we can have higher customizability without everyone just drawing dicks everywhere. I’d imagine a-z and 0-9 being added along with punctuation marks, since it’s already possible to write whatever on signs. But people would vote on other stuff to be added. This way there’s quality control along with some level of creative freedom. I’d imagine these decals could be placed on guns and on walls with a spray paint item. Maybe even on signs and vehicles too.

I am a strong advocate for this suggestion, it’s no more harmful than what can already be done in-game. Plus it’s a good way for Nelson to implement player customization without adding cosmetics (unless he changed his mind about that?).

There’s nothing stopping people from naming their gun or putting up a sign that says “cock” or the n-word, that’s already in the hands of server admins.

And if you still need convincing, how much more fun would this be instead of the average green man running around:

Wulgaristic signs are discusting but not at all harming maybe about drawing some nudity is more unpropiet

Aand a non inportet question is that your helmet?

No I found it on google to show off a feature I really want in the vanilla game: helmet graffiti.

Still good looking.

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