The sea in unturned II

It is not new that in the unturned II the ocean will receive special attention, in addition to aesthetic details marine life will also be planned.

Jet Ski
Submarine (which by the way has already been mentioned on the trello wishlist or on the wiki).download images

Marine life:
This is not an “amazing ocean simulator”, but I think some things could be added, like sharks, giant squids, it would be nice to have big bosses that would be animals infected by the virus, who knows dolphins ?, I also thought about whales but that it is already an


fishing nets that allow you to catch various fish and maybe items too?


download images

I think of military boats with attached machine guns, in addition to manual harpoons and also attached to boats, for naval battles and also to clear the sea of aggressive animals.

Marine construction:
Although the famous underwater bases as we know them are no longer possible, it would be very interesting to build floating bases or submerged labors similar to the one on the hawai map.

‘’ Marine Dead Zone ‘’
as there is no human maintenance it would be nice to see oil spills in the sea, making it possible to find wrecked military ships with a variety of weapons and

Considering that the shift also arrived at sea, it would be nice to see aquatic zombies considering that the mutant virus caused mutations it would not be surprising to see the zombies of sailors swimming around, this class of zombie would be called a ‘’ mermaid ‘’, they attack sailors but die if taken from the water.

Obs: suggestion for a probable distant future in the development of unturned II, the maximum aquatic update that we will have in a short period of time will probably be fishing, swimming … although the water has not even been added yet.


cool but i think there should be like a ship that appears occasionally in the map full of zombies and good loot, i should be like a ghost ship ever drifting in the ocean. but eventually coming kinda close to shore. Also too much fauna is bit wierd like just minimal levels of fauna but a lot of places to explore underwater.


I’d like to see the ocean be more expanded upon in UII, but in different regards than what you suggested.

Things like the submarine and surfboard seem very gimmicky, and I would say belong to mods.

For example, I don’t like the idea of having a fishing boat that is good for catching fish. Nobody’s going to use that in vanilla. It is good for RP which, in my opinion, also makes it great mod material.

“Memaids” seem unecessary. I don’t like the idea of the varus spreading to the sea, that makes the turned a kind of unstoppable force if they can haunt the waters with no consequence. Sharks are a good enough threat for most of the time.

A giant squid could be cool for an easteregg, less so for a common enemy.

I’d rather see marine life in the form of beautiful boids of fish and large coral reefs along the oceans surface. stuff like that. Sharks just menacingly circle around you and rarely attack by them selves.

There’s a lot of potential in sea content other than marine life as well, like underwater ship wrecks, underwater caves and eastereggs.

This is cool. I would like military boats. Ships seem a little much for Unturned.

Harpoons seem pointless, and would make fighting on boats less fun. Yeah, you could attach it to a ship, but not only does that gets rid of the thrill of racing with another boat, it would also be annoying when high-tier loot players can easily crap on players with worse gear if you harpoon their boat, and kill, without giving them a chance.

I like this a lot as well. Having shipwrecks or something like a nuclear-sub with some really high-tier loot in a dead-zone would be awesome!


Driveable battleships and aircraft carriers.

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