the serious problem of unturned that until today has not been fixed = serious optimization problem

hello Nelson, I have been a player at Unturned since the time that the game was 2.0, and I thought the game was fantastic and I saw that the game had a future to go on and it wasn’t that I was right? well, with the arrival of update 3.0 the game presented new features and every week you have been updating the game so that it does not appear dead, but you forgot one detail: its optimization. This game was updating and updating and getting heavier and being impossible for those who have a weak and average computer to play, I have seen comments from people saying that Battlefield ran better than Unturned on their computer. I ask you and not just me, but the whole Unturned Brasil community to stop everything you’re doing and optimize this game to run on modest computers, because his problem is his frantic drop in FPS, I’m playing and running it at 60 FPS and it drops from NOTHING to 15, 10, 5, 0 … Anyway, he is deciding how many FPS I will play and this is very annoying, I ask you with great affection that you pay attention to that I am saying because this game is very dear to me and to the whole Brazilian community. I have more than 800 hours of gameplay on it and I have been playing this game since 2017, but I had to abandon it and watch my friends leave because its game was too heavy to run on their computers and also those who even have a more modern computer and that runs much better games than Unturned, I know you’re busy with Unturned 2, but PLEASE help us with that, we don’t want you to fix bugs, we don’t want new weapons, we just want a game that runs better on our computers . I hope you read everything, you don’t know how much you optimize this game to stop it from dropping FPS will help us here not only in Brazil but in the rest of the world, thank you very much for creating this wonderful game, with all love and caring. Signed: Leocabuloso + Brazilian Unturned Community

yes, that’s why nelson is making unturned 2. not much you can do to the current unturned to optimize it, you just have to wait until unturned 2 comes out


@turkler Let’s not forget that the optimization issue on Unturned used to be god awful. For context, before the last optimization update, I was getting less than 30 FPS and even dropped down to as low as 11 FPS (in multiplayer) with a GTX 1660 Ti. Which is a pretty good GPU, in and of itself.

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As turkler said, Nelson is currently focusing on UII which will run on Unreal Engine. That way the game will be way better optimized than its current Unity Engine counterpart.

Also I’ve heard somewhere that Unturned 3.0 is very CPU heavy and not so much on the GPU side but I’m not sure if that’s true or not. so that’s why it doesn’t run too well even if you have a high end graphics card. If someone can correct me.

You can’t just “fix” how 3.X runs.

Already runs better for what it is worth.

Can confirm that that is still true, used to be worse tho.

Effective GPU usage has always been poor from my experiences but minus things like loading times, the game doesn’t seem to care too much about CPU clock speed at least for the times when I underclocked mine to check performance impacts.

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Why do some new people on the forum make threads addressing nelson directly as if he is the only one reading it (if he is reading it at all)? I’ve always found that a little weird. This is a public forum. we can all hear you.

This whole thing reads very weirdly. How do you propose Nelson actually does this, anyway? He is not a magical being that is capable of making his game run as well as possible on any shitty computer with a wave of his hand. Nelson has been continuously optimizing the game, so what do you think making a thread telling him to optimize it more will do for you? If the game is not being optimized any further then it’s pretty safe to say that Nelson is physically incapable of optimizing it further.

I had to abandon it and watch my friends leave because its game was too heavy to run on their computers and also those who even have a more modern computer and that runs much better games than Unturned

How shitty are you people’s computers anyway? I can run Unturned perfectly fine on a 4gb ram lenovo laptop. I really don’t know why people complain about Unturned’s performance, it’s really not the case in my personal experience. If you have a computer that can’t run a game then it’s your problem, don’t complain to the developer of the game that it runs poorly.


How do you not have problems with such low specs? I have a 16GB RAM, GTX 1060 6GB with Ryzen 5 2600 computer and I played on lowest and medium before the big optimization a couple months ago.

I don’t really get the best performance, but “perfectly fine” as in, playable. On medium-ish graphics settings I get like, 25-30 fps on a vanilla server. Honestly I couldn’t tell you, I have no idea why everyone complains all the time about terrible performance. to me it’s at least playable

It runs bad, yes. But not that bad. I could run on max (or close to if I wanted stable 60 FPS for the most part in MP) on an i5 2400 and 6 GB of RAM. If it runs it runs, but it scales like shit.

What is and is not playable has shifted dramatically for most people imho.
I finished the Division on below required specs lmao.