The Sharpshooter Skill's Possible "Fix"

Anyone who has played this game has heard of this skill, and right now, it’s one of the biggest issues for the game at least with me. See, this game is supposed to be a survival game, and having a gun should make things easier, now while that does happen, guns make things a bit too easy. Especially with the maxed out sharpshooter skill. Guns should be able to not only produce recoil, but also generate some sort of knockback. This knockback would make the screen shake a bit when firing a weapon

Now the sharpshooter skill isn’t supposed to make things easier for people wielding guns, but rather, it should make things bearable. What I mean by that is that this skill should not reduce the amount of recoil the player experiences when they level it up, but rather, lower the amount of knockback the player experiences (stopping at a reasonable part where the player still experiences a fair amount, but not an amount that is just ludicrous) and then start dealing with that recoil, dealing with it the same way that it does with knockback.

Now really, what I am just trying to say here is that first off, guns shouldn’t be this easy to use, and second of all, since Unturned is a survival game, using guns shouldn’t make things this easy. Sure firing a shot in a crowd of zombies could screw you over, but really all this does it just make things less convenient for people with tonnes of ammo.

Edit: I think @MoltonMontro talked about this topic in a comment once, maybe you could correct/tweak this post if you want xd


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