The smart zombie

This may sound like one of those posts asking for zombies in general to get smarter, but this post is a suggestion for a different kind specific of zombie.

Let’s start, this turn has had its brain mutated, although it’s even dumber than an NPC has certain different abilities that make it smarter than other types of turns.

A hunting zombie. .
This zombie can spawn anywhere, if he is wandering around and seeing players or some construction he will be gone for a while, but he will come back attracting a larger group of turneds to help get food and invade.

A sneaky zombie
This zombie is weaker than the others, so it prefers not to attack alone and not even ahead, this zombie prefers to hide and wait for the player to be distracted to attack,if injured or disadvantaged he may run away.

motor coordination
These zombies can handle certain things like sticks, stones, frying pans and hammers, they don’t use them to attack directly, they just throw it at their target as a player, or something they want to break like a glass window.

They prefer to be in larger groups with strong zombie types, getting a kind of escort and protection.


Smh, he put all his skill points into agility and didn’t account for the fact that maybe he’ll encounter a player like me that puts all points into perception.

Roll for initiative.


Damnit, I knew I shouldn’t have put all my points into strength and constitution.


Zombies should be zombies, stupid, the should only have one motive, to attack, yeah mabye a zombie that can wait to ambush would be cool. But zombies should be zombies.

Not bad…

Zombies really aren’t just “dumb corpses who try to eat you”

Zombies can be so much more. Don’t you dare restrict zombies down to that definition.

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In the case of Unturned, they are NOT EXACTLY zombies.
They are Turneds, creatures (which for now, are only human) that have turned into something aggressive. Being able to keep some intelligence.

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Everybody is thinking of the slow shambling dead zombies.

Ever heard of dead Space? … You could also include dying Light, and a few others.

Tsk tsk… You guys need to catch up on your zombie lore

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Turned can be considered zombies, but of a different kind than serials like the walking dead,The point is that I would like to see innovative zombies in turn II,
I think this may be a classic but at the same time new,

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Yeah, the Turned don’t have to behave exactly like they’re on the Walking Dead, but that doesn’t mean there’s good reason for them to run away from players. Is their health regenerating while they do that (pls no) if not, then what are they running away for?

Remaining self preservation instinct

I kind of like those zombies (basic zombies), prehaps some zombies could hold weapons and swing them and stuff. But I don’t want to feel like I’m fighting npcs more than zombies.
They can be fast, or slow. But not smart.

Smart zombies are scary.

Scary is fun.

They are, sometimes, but I wouldn’t like that they exist.
Regular zombies are also are fun and scary.
Smart zombies are annoying

Regular zombies aren’t scary anymore.

They’re literally super slow dead people who try to chow on you. And they hardly succeed unless you have a big horde of them.


How does zombies running away from you make them scarier? I’d understand if you were arguing that they should ambush or outflank you, but straight up avoiding you because they’re hurt doesn’t add anything except a nuisance when you’re trying to get XP or loot from them.


Can and at the same time can not, Nelson would not put the name “turned” just for, but I believe it is to differentiate them from “zombies”, but in practical purposes, they can be called zombies :sweat_smile:

That’s the point, it’s annoying that you have to run after a zombie and not the other way around.
It would be more interesting than this zombie, when seriously injured becomes very aggressive, giving a big scream (which would draw the attention of other zombies) and running to the player, as he was seriously injured, he dies very easily.
That yes, it could be scarier than a zombie running from a player.

I am suggesting a specific type of zombie, not asking ALL zombies to get smarter.

You know that wasn’t what I was talking about.

Also, bolters from dying light are kinda Interesting. Maybe so thing like that could work.

It very clearly was the topic when the following things were said:

So forgive me for assuming that your scariness point was relevant to that. Now enlighten me please, if not scariness, then what is the game design purpose of including this “self preservation instinct?”