The Sound Track Of Unturned

Unturned has had its theme song since (From what I can recall) 2.0

John Fleming’s ‘Tears From Heaven’ sound track has been the games one and only song ever to be put in the game and with II on its way I wanted to tackle a not so prompted discussion,

Should Unturned II have a new theme? And would it be the only song in the game?
As if now if you played singleplayer the sounds your delicate ears would only hear would be the chopping of wood, the melee/firing of the weapon you hold and the grunt of the zombies in locations, however if you’re a peaceful player you would’ve noticed the ambient sound Nelson has in the game, the tweeting of birds and faint ocean waves crashing near the shorelines.

But it does not set a mood for the game, generally its something you set yourself with either YouTube music, Spotify, Soundcloud or the eery cries of your own teammates in Discord, Skype or Teamspeak.

And I would like to discuss then should Unturned II have a music soundtrack? One that could maybe be dynamic too, for example during a low risk environment (far from hostilities like zombies) there could be a soothing track, and say for example during a high risk situation like a horde of zombies coming towards you or a battle between players theres a high tense sound track to set the mood.
This is something I’ve generally liked within games, it had a tone, a feel or excitement to what I was doing, good examples like this would be Titanfall 2, Doom (2016) and Undertale.

  • No backround soundtrack, only menu music, I like my own music ingame.
  • Yes backround sound track, with dynamic music like Doom (2016) for example.
  • Yes, backround sound track, but its static like minecraft for example.

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  • Unturned II should use John Fleming - Tears From Heaven like I.
  • Unturned II should have a new theme altogether.
  • Unturned II should have a new version of John Fleming - Tears From Heaven.

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Any other ideas? Let’s discuss below!


I don’t know if you were looking for a reply to this, but I personally think that there should either be a static sound track, or no music in the game itself (music in the menu, obviously), but there’s more ambiance noises. I like the idea of specific soundtracks playing in specific areas, but that probably works better in games like Half Life 2 than sandbox games.


Russia or Germany trailer music would be nice.

For a compromise between all three, we should add a music option. With dynamic music when dealing with difficult hordes or during excursions, similar to that of Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal. As well as static music during calm hours while building a base, exploring, farming, etc. Involving non-dangerous tasks.

This combined with the option to turn the music off or to have either static or dynamic music on or off as well. This would be an eventual add on, it’s pretty low priority however it would be nice to have.

I want something dark like when you casually mine in Minecraft and then you here some spooky sound. also, I could see a new theme for player death and menu music

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I want some audio queues like in fallout where when you discover a brand new location it can play a new sound

if you were making a custom map maybe you could edit the sound with a custom clip, for example: Doin’ ya mom nightcore

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I like the idea of a dynamic song more, however, that plays only at times when there are no turneds close to the player or when a horde is coming towards the player’s base.