The story in 3.0 is actually really good

I’ve found the story in 3.0 is really intense and interesting, however it’s a shame nobody really cares about it.

notes, Easter eggs, and other scattered, static stuff throughout the maps



Have you seen the AES key? That thing is ridiculously intense.

Not to mention the UFO, the silo, and that thing on germany… greece… hawaii…
Yeah it is not that intense.

i dont mean gameplay wise, i just mean it’s a deep and thought-through storyline
because english speaking aliens amirite

i actually meant this seroiusly, but go ahead, move me to memes

Actually, I’m somewhat of the story-type of dinghy aswell.

But to call the story of unturned intense is a little bit too much. Sure there’s the fact that in this dimension the fermi paradox is real, people are “blockish” and that the zombie plague existed with people didn’t knew what zombies are.

Is it good? Well it’s not bad, nor great. Just “Sure I guess”
But is it intense? no. That’s why the lore itself can be expanded by many theories to enhance the storyline within your own mind.

eh, whatever. i mean, for a game that’s mainly for kids, it’s pretty good

It’s not intense and I can’t find it to be very interesting when all we have are literal fragments. There’s a lot of the story that doesn’t even matter and has no real tie in to the main story.

I think it’s cool to have some lore, sure, but 4.0 better do it way better xd

In my opinion, the story is fragmented, it consists of so many different plot lines and most aren’t connected.
Originally we had the Scorpion-7 plot, which was dropped after Russia, in which it was barely even in. The only thing we can tie it to in Russia is the soul crystal at Keryev.
After that, the Coalition “Ark” was picked up. Which was kinda continued in Hawaii and fleshed out in Germany, it also was sorta continued in Ireland, which I will pick up later.
Hawaii had the whole Aegis thing, which wasn’t continued after Hawaii. Greece had the whole faction war which I could not care about.
Ireland and other timed curated maps aren’t Cannon, so every event that takes place in them should be taken lightly. I also believe that M2M are trying to stay separate from the “Offical” lore, and trying to make their own, which is only going to make the problem with the lore worse. The lore makes me feel like every map is on its own plane of existence, not being connected to anywhere else. Most map’s don’t even mention events in other maps. Germany at least mentioned P.Riso and T.Rickster, which was a nice touch but that was about it.
Unturned’s lore needs a lot of work, if there are any maps with canon lore to come out next, which I believe there is one, will hopefully tie up these loose ends so by the time 4.x takes over and 3.x shares the fate of 2.x, we would hopefully have a coherent story, rather than the fragments that we have now.

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