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All lot of things can make a game stand out; perhaps it offers unique gameplay, a telling narrative, a haunting atmosphere, or a combination of all three.

However, one thing that is generally underestimated in games is a soundtrack. A decent soundtrack can set the mood of any game.

Epic music can perfectly tie in with a final boss; a sad, slow paced tune could represent defeat, there are tons of possibilities that music can offer for games and their experience.

Even some video games thrive off of their music alone, games like The Long Dark or Firewatch can be perfectly summarized by their music.

Take for instance a game like DOOM, if you’ve ever seen a video on the creation of their music, the same effort, if not more was poured into making the music than the actual game.

Miscellaneous easter eggs and segments from previous games are included in the soundtrack. Hell, even the song “Hellwalker” uses a chainsaw for it’s main riff, now that’s dedication.

The entire soundtrack perfectly complements what DOOM should be, a run and gun, demon shoot-em up, and it works beautifully.

However, action is not the only mood music can capture, defeat or loneliness are also prominent.

The Long Dark comes to mind, with it’s violins, cellos, and piano, it provides a very relaxing, but almost haunting tune.

Again, this type of music perfectly complements the style of game; a dark, mysterious world populated with danger.

Let’s move on again to one of my favorite soundtracks, Team Fortress 2.

However, TF2 differs in it’s soundtrack quite dramatically from the past two genres, while a lot of the music is relaxing, or action packed, you won’t ever hear it in a match.

So what is the point of the music then?

Well, a lot of the music in the TF2 soundtrack is used in the Meet the Team series and can also be heard in the main menu.

The point of the music, as always, was to set the mood, but it did so out of the game, which seems strange, but is brilliant.

There is no mistaking TF2’s soundtrack anywhere, it has an original style, and it’s a classic.

But what is my point in showing all of this?

My point was that I wanted to show off how important a good soundtrack can be to a game. It can and most likely will define the game if you do it properly.

And with that being said, I hope you have a good day/night

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It’s long so it must be good.



A noteworthy anecdote to this is that there are games that thrive off of quite the opposite actually; certain games actually very effectively use the complete lack of a soundtrack whatsoever to convey atmosphere.

My go-to example of this is Duskers - the lack of any music or most external sounds in general really adds to the harrowing feel of isolation in a very unsettling manner.


Games that are creepy don’t even need music. It works well when a game has a sentient ai that killed all your friends and you try to shut it down. Like in 2001 a space odessey

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Didn’t even mention minecraft smh, which funnily enough according to rateyourmusic was the 9th best album of 2011, beating skyrims soundtrack, and even bon ivers self titled which is pretty funny.

IMO the best soundtracked film of all time. Silence at the perfect times, cacophony at the perfect times. Its just perfect mane


it really do feel like people don’t look into the music as much as we should.


The game shouldn’t play music when the player finds the turneds’ nest. All you can hear are screams

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it’s good so it must be long


It’s long so it much be long

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ahh yes brillant


Most music all seems bland now, nothing super original comes out in games. You either go with the peaceful orchestra, the wind ensemble, or the rock band, (maybe a synth too idk) all playing pretty bland songs that don’t have much of an impact. Sure, there are some songs nowadays that do stick in my head, basically everything undertale is great, as well as lifelight from smash ultimate often plays in my head, probably because it’s a brass heavy song and I play the trumpet, but everything else is pretty forgettable compared to some of the older songs from games.



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Yeah, autocorrect got me there

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TF2 so it must be good.



great soundtrack to accommodate the replay clips at the end of every rally
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I’d like to use this post as an opportunity to talk about the soundtracks of one of gaming’s most known series but that has one of the most overlooked soundtracks: Metal Gear’s

Oh sure, everyone knows Encounter from Metal Gear Solid, but how many of you know Yell Dead Cell from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Debriefing or Escape From The Fortress from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, or even “We’re got Gekko” from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots? Or even ever heard that Metal Gear 2 even exists?

So here is a list of amazing stand out tracks from the MGS series!

Yell Dead Cell
This is the boss fight track. Sounds weird right? MGS is a third person shooter kinda grounded in reality, right? You’d be right for thinking that, most of the game is pretty normal; Russian mercs take over a water treatment rig, there’s a hostage situation, seals are sent in, a fat dude called Fatman on rollerskates planted bombs, everything is normal!

Escape From The Fortress
This is one of the most energetic tracks of that game: You just fought one of the most evil guys in the whole series, destroyed the first Metal Gear, killed 5 legendary soldiers, climbed a ladder for 3 minutes straight, and you have to go for one final dash!

This is the final track of the game. You’ve been through a lot. Snake had to kill his mentor, who was almost like a mother to him, finds out his love interest betrayed him. For what? This is war after all. The government tells you who your friends are. One day you drink together, the next a final standoff. “What will it be? Loyalty to your country, or loyalty to me?” The feels, man.

Father and Son
This is it. The culmination of almost 30 years of games. A story spanning over 50 years ends here. The final triumph over adversity. Snake is old now, and doesn’t have much left to live. Everyone gets a happy ending. Everyone but Snake. Snake has had a hard life, he needs some time alone. “This is good isn’t it?”

I’d also like to mention the entire track of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. It’s one of the greatest 8bit sountracks ever made.

People have usually only heard of MGSV and the first game, but I seriously, very seriously, suggest that you guys check out the entire MGS series on youtube. It might be long, but it’s entirely worth your time. It’s long so it must be good, right?


maybe hire C418 to make the entire unturned soundtrack?

i know he made the minecraft soundtrack but i can’t think of any other good artists that might be able to make a soundtrack for unturned/worked on a soundtrack for another game (like C418)

C418 actually has really good music outside of unturned too though so why not hire him?


nah just hire @danaby2


y’all already know ya boi out here grindin :sunglasses::sunglasses::hot_face:

trap banger dropping soon guys its been hard out here

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