The Unturned character is canonically a BEAST

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I’ve done some major calculations alongside fellow Untunred player Dug also known as Dug Nuts aka The Dugster.

We’ve come to the conclusion that the Unturned character is a BEAST. Now you may be wondering what we mean by this, let me explain:

We wanted to determine the heaviest possible load an Unturned character in vanilla could carry. The maximum amount of clothing slots you can have is 130 while wearing the thief clothing, a military vest, and an alicepack. We came to the conclusion that the heaviest item in the game would be the Metal Floor as it’s 367.2m^3 of solid steel. You can fill a total of 96 slots in the inventory with Metal Floors which equates to around 69,180,480kg (2,882,520kg each) or 76258 tons. 32 of the other slots were filled with Metal Walls which equate to around 1,467,936kg (91,746kg each) or 1618 tons. The last 2 slots were filled with Tank Traps which only account for around 400kg (200kg each).

This means an Unturned character can in total carry around 70,648,816kg and considering that your speed and jump height don’t change when carrying this amount implies that the character is not even breaking a sweat and that this is a light weight that is barely a hinderance to their ability.

In conclusion: The Unturned character is a certified juicer and several Unturned characters could potentially block the Suez canal with little effort by casually tossing a freighter into it horizontally.

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Glue is canonically TREN.

I’m sure @wiselavender will be happy to know. :slight_smile:


Since it’s made out of just 5 metal sheets, it would be hollow inside, not a solid chunk of metal. Given they are relatively small, it would probably be as thick, if not less, than the metal sheet.

What if curated map

I would be inclined to believe this if it were 6 metal sheets (the amount of sides a cube has) but personally I just think all sheets are stacked ontop of one another and fused together with the power of video game logic.

But there’s not enough sheets for that? Although idk if unturned obeys conservation of mass lol.

There’s already not enough sheets to justify the size that metal floors are. I think you’ll have to suspend your disbelief and resist trying to rationalize a video game and instead just make fun at how nonsesical it is that your character can carry the weight of 395 Boeing 747s

Fair enough - they can also heal broken bones in a second, survive a infinitely high fall into water, etc.

Thank god for pure natural strength

Can we also talk about how the umbrella, even if the character is carrying all this equipment, still is able to slow down fall? Or how in water, even with all this equipment, the character can still stay afloat ? This means density of air and water might be INSANE and the unturned character is casually walking with an atmospheric pressure that is in the millions of times higher than in reality.

And now just picture this same character dying because he fell from 2 floors…

Lmao yeah It cool to see another person take the challenge of finding how strong the character is

Very strong like a Steve in Minecraft (420624 kg). Even stronger :slight_smile:

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