The Unturned Concept Art Gigadump

The Unturned Subreddit went through a golden age early last year and retained that up until it’s downfall at the creation of these forums, but I’ve been saving a list of my favorite posts as concepts on there so that they could be applied to 3.0. Sadly these would never see the light of day in 3.0 as all attention was shifted to 4.0, so now I feel that they could do more good in that game than 3.0.

While the project has been mostly abandoned, I went and revised a few bits and removed a post as I’ll make a post on that later (reeeeeee censorship haha nah mate it’s an OC idea I removed I’m gonna convert that into an idea here soon) It’s again mostly for 3.0 but most to all ideas could be used in 4.0 and I’m too lazy to filter them out so I might as well post them all. The only other people to see this were Higher-Ups in The Modject, so most to all of these are still A-Okay for mods in 3.0 if you wish.

If you’re a 3.0 modder and you have a Trello page that you want to flaunt show off, hit me up and I might add it if it’s a major mod that’s either abandoned or in the works. Unfortunately, I really won’t keep this updated as all my focus has been shifted to these forums, and as these posts’ authors are either working with modders or have left 3.0, there’s little reason to keep it updated.


hahahahahaha no, it fell way before these forums existed


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