There should be a Syndicate uniform like the Coalition has one

I was thinking maybe it would be a balaclava, a black toque, and thief gear but also the thief gear will have a rank on the arm or somewhere else.

The Syndicate isn’t supposed to be an elite army of soldiers. It’s just a rag-tag group of survivors, like the Unyielding.

The Syndicate is a freelance group of bandits meant to resemble players, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have uniforms

Molton and J kind of summed it up, but like you said, you could do an “unoffical” type of outfit like you mentioned.

But i mean, even still they seem like the “anarchist” type (The coalition attack), and that’s what makes me think that they would be opposed to actual uniforms. “REEE smash the system!” That type of stuff.

good point