There should probably be an Artwork channel

I’m sure there are plenty of people here that can post some awesome things! Not sure if it should be Unturned related. Even if the channel doesn’t get much traction, It’s still good to have a channel for creative things like that.


I know it exists, but why not add an “Artwork” category? That’s the bulk of what I’m getting at.

Isn’t #artwork enough for this already?


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Oh, I guess I’m just stupid! Thanks!

I think I got your point @MrKoix would be great to have a specific category for artwork, it will make art more visible for new users

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I agree. It is not idiot proof as was seen just now.

Yup i can then show you my low effort scribbles

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Yes, add an artwork section please

Nelson pls add


Adding an artwork category isn’t entirely “idiot-proof”, as people will still manage to post outside of it. #artwork is the correct location + tag.

Regardless, oversaturation of narrowly-defined categories is typically bad a forum. The Community Lounge category is rather broad, so in relation to the entirety of the lounge it’s not that narrowly-defined, but overall it is.

Currently, the tag gets around the same amount of participation as the #community-lounge:gamedev subcat (relatively little, although gamedev is more within the defined scope of the site than artwork is). It’s possible that Gaming and Gamedev could be merged at some point, and then another subcategory might be introduced for the lounge.

I don’t think you should expect this to happen soon, however. Sooner if I, or the forum community, can come up with a more complete analysis and use-case for a third/fourth subcat.


I guess an “Artwork” section in the Community Lounge category would be better than a tag, I mean, I’ve been on the forum for 2 years, and found out that there’s an artwork tag 3 days ago.

And nothing is idiot proof.

Also, the “Game Dev” section has been pretty dead, so why not give “Artwork” a try? I doubt It’ll be flourishing with masterpieces and be alive like the Insert funny here, but in my opinion, it’s worth a shot.