Thing that relate to food (Suggestion)

I got an idea for some sort of reworked food system. Currently, the best thing to do is eat sandwiches and drink water. I think that a reworked cooking system where you actually have a reason to make a cake or drink orange juice would be cool. Maybe with vitamins, you could put vitamins in water and then create vitamin water. Or with water bottles, maybe be able to reuse them completely by filling them with different liquids or things like that. And fruit. The only fruits we have is an imaginary banana and a tomato. So uh… yeah. Maybe a new medical condition you get from not varying your diet, Malnutrition. Or eating too much at once makes you feel sick and walk slower, I dunno.


is this an advertisement about vitamin water? Also great suggestion, i would definitely like to see more fruits ingame and pickable fruits from trees, etc


Definitely having a reworked food system for 4.0 which warrants more gathering of food and variance in the diet would be cool but for some players it could also be fairly annoying. I think that if you were able to strike a balance with it being easy to get many types of food and maybe making food do less if you eat too much of it for the last X amounts of food being eaten in addition to it being impossible to eat food/drink water when you aren’t hungry/thirsty then this would be a fairly well balanced system from my perspective.

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Maybe food/drinks could be consumed in portions since we’re getting a weight and stacking system back. Large items like Bottled Water and Cake would be consumed multiple times and grants water/food in smaller amounts. For example, cake can be consumed 6 times with each piece granting 25 food (Gives a reason to craft it other than for fun).

Another thing is that once you opened preserved food/drinks it will degrade faster if we’re getting a spoiling mechanic


I like the idea of consuming food in portions, and it would be interesting to research/learn more about the different parts of our diets and how they could be turned into game mechanics.


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