Things to look forward to in the next Unturned 2 Devlog #43

Hello! I open this topic to share our expectations of the next things that will be implemented in the next devlog.

As we know, in the next devblog AI will be implemented for zombies, drones and hopefully bandits.
Nelson decided not to use Unreal’s built-in AI system and will create his own custom AI with different types of perception as you can see in the picture.


These are my expectations:

  • I expect it to possibly come out on the friday 29th… Although I do not rule out that it could take even a week or two more ( who knows ).

  • Maybe with luck devlogs and updates could be more frequent.

  • After this update I think we will be able to play Unturned 2 much more often since before there wasn’t much to do really. However now that the enemies will have a real AI to see us, hear us and even feel our movements (drones) so the game will have more content and will be more interesting.

  • And lastly, I hope too much that once the AI is implemented, zombies, bandits and drones will be added to the Misc U3 Props map so I can test their difficulty and intelligence!

I hope you can also post what you expect from this new devblog! :smiley:


I’m not sure about trying to predict a concrete date, one thing I’ve learned from my (very short) time making games (or at least attempting to) is that things rarely go to plan, I used to attribute this to my lack of skill but I’ve heard the same sentiment expressed by folks far more experienced than I am.

As for what I’m looking forward to, it would be great to finally see what a turned-infested city would look like, with zombies moving and shuffling through the streets. I’m also hoping the hour requirement is decreased in the coming months, as I really do want to try out all the new stuff already there.


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