Think when Nelson comes back, he'll start on 4.0 especialy since the community is so hyped about it?

Just your thoughts, can you see that happening? Ideas, opinions, theories?

Whacha think is gonna happen? 3.0 like normal, sneaky release of a base 4.0, him sitting down with the community discussing the possibilities extra?



It’s pretty unlikely he’d jump straight into Unturned 4.x. Not only does it go against what he said about it previously, it doesn’t make much sense from a development standpoint either. I assume that on either the 25th or August 1st we will see a small update bringing patches from whatever community feedback has been going on recently, and then soon after (if not on one of those two dates) Hawaii will get updated.

Between the 25th and the 1st I assume Nelson may release a blog post discussing why he was considering using Unreal Engine 4 for an Unturned 4.x, if he has not forgotten about that. If he has not forgotten, then it would probably be safe to assume that he has (or will begin) messing around in that engine a bit off-and-on, but not directly on some a functional Unturned 4.x. There’s too much feedback and concepts to really just decide to go at it, but dunno. Maybe he will! :open_mouth:

Between the 1st and to at least the end of this year, you should be able to expect Unturned 3 updates as normal. _Maybe the original maps will finally get redone using the entirety of the Devkit features (such as for tunnels and coves), and the Devkit will be updated to do everything we still have to use the Editor for. Maybe a test branch will be added where Nelson tests minor features he would ideally like to see in Unturned 4.x, but might not fit in the normal Unturned 3 as it stands and just wants to generate some sort of feedback regardless without hindering other people’s experiences.

Complete speculation on my end, but you can more-or-less source stuff to it.


Nelson is back. But in my opinion, 3.0 updates as always for a decent amount of time, Unturned just for out from early access so 3.0 will still have big and nice additions. The last part is a possibility, since he already gave opinions about suggestions for both 3.0/4.0 !

As of this post, Unturned is v
Pretty sure devs don’t skip margins of versions. The road to 4.0 are multiple ships of updates.

And I think that because Nelson opened a 4.0 Trello wishlist which includes his and the community’s suggestions for the game, development has taken a step forward, but there are some items in the Trello which really doesn’t fit into Unturned such as gun jamming. I hope that suggestions which are not in-line with the idea of Unturned being a pick-up survival game not be implemented.

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To clarify, the “.20.3.0” isn’t relevant. 4 comes after 3, and can be done at any time. First number in Unturned’s game version/patch is the current game’s iteration. Second number is major update, third is minor update, and fourth is minor bugfix patches.

Oh whop my mistake.

I doubt it, Nelson will probably make a small update soon for 3.0, get back to looking for apartments if he hasn’t done that yet, and then resume 3.0’s updates. At some point he will start working on 4.0 but that would probably be really early 2018 late 2017.