Third person glitch

In Unturned 3.0 there is a glitch in whitch you can see trough a floor of a base using third person. What you do is simply move your camera to the corner of the floor and you can clearly see what is inside.

It’s been a thing since Third Person existed, and it will probably be a thing as long as Unturned is a thing.


It could be fixed though.

It probably cant be fixed if it hasnt been fixed yet

Nelson tried to fix a part of the issue which was look8ng through walls with 3rd Person view, but that was more than a year ago. So if there was fix to it, it wouldve most probably be added

Well there are many glitches that are in Unturned since the beginning that aren’t fixed, but I’ve seen recently patched ones as well.

Perhaps you’re right.

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