Third person is poop

Third person is poop

CALLING ALL FIRST PERSON FRISKIES! If unturned II has an over powered third person, then hope still isn’t lost. Let it be our chance to start off our new game with healthy pvp mechanics by boycotting overpowered third person servers! This will give first person servers a better chance to thrive, and encourage server owners to set up first person (or balanced third person) servers.

THIRD PERSON THICKSKULLS If you want any chance of being regarded as ‘good’ at pvp, then you must play first person. First person will certainly become the default mode for competitive pvp

Of course, this excludes any servers that include mods that make third person balanced. Let us band together to boycott and eliminate the worst mechanic in unturned since hacking. If you care about the future of unturned II, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion or first-person-ness; you will join us. Let us band together to encourage a healthy unturned pvp and competitive scene in Unturned II


I am the first person.


this but unironically


I don’t know how to respond, so instead have this


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I feel yelled at, but I still agree

I hope 3rd person gets sick so he cant be in the game

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mans really snagged my paragraphs. my call to our god and saviour nelson

i approve though

holy shit he came back

yall just got APRIL FOOLED

@anon95004049 Great show! You made a certain someone think their bad memes were good for 18 hours! The absolute madlad.

No i meant that you all got fooled into thinking that i came back to Unturned. the copypasta thing above wasnt meant to make kukoy think they were funny

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