This is how I want 4.0

So we all like unturned right? Well I think one of the reasons 3.0 became pvp based is because the game didn’t really feel apocalyptic. This is a CGI film made a while back, I would love if in 4.0 it felt like you actually needed to run and dodge vehicles and stuff. Plus like in the video, I would like if the streets where filled with abandoned and broken cars, possibly not usable from survivors taking supplies from the cars/using car parts from them. Watch the video and you will understand.


At least the heads are have the same enormous size.


What does this even have to do with this post xd

Just a comment. Use the common sense.

No Literally your comment makes no sense, care to elaborate?

If you clean the zombies unturned dosent look like it was a zombie apocalyps there.


Neat. I would like to see something like that in the game

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your name is Tomas Vergara?

Wut… (10)

That’s fucking creepy.

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But its an awesome animation, first time I saw it, I thought it wasnt an animation. For about 10 seconds xd

Oh I get it, its a joke about the guy who made the video xd. Well the original guy anyways xd

The heads are enormous in both instances in proportion with bodies.

It’s pretty obvious.

In the video? If so I have no control over it xd

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