This is normal?

Well this has happened since devlog 36, basically for some reason the game gets heavier in single player mode, it is strange since generally playing on the servers is heavier for the computer in games.

In any case I would like to report this to @SDGNelson

I also thought about adding this to support, but I don’t know if this is a beta bug.




That is a remarkably noticeable difference. To some degree it is expected because singleplayer has to run the logic of client and server rather than just the client, but in these simple scenes it should be closer. My guess is that running the physics simulation in singleplayer is a big chunk of that, whereas as a client it only runs for nearby items.


Damn haven’t played U2 in awhile but it looks good


@SDGNelson Thanks for the answer, I know that soon it should be fixed, thank you very much for your work, despite that, the optimization of the game so far has been going very well.

maybe u have the bug where there’s multiple trees inside of one, try get an axe and chop it down and see if there’s another one in there


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