Thoroughly disgusted by Battleye's Unturned anticheat

Honestly, i’m thoroughly disgusted with this game and community in general, just my opinion tho.

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‘‘Unturned is filled with them’’ Have you even played vanilla before BE came around? Every fifth person was a hacker.

Just to remind you what they could do before BE:
Spawn in any items, teleport to any ingame player, not to mention classics like wallhack and aimbot.

I was casually looking on the forums for a vanilla buddy back in 2016, the first two people were bloody hackers.

You’re the biggest anti-rocket in the entire community, so you should be happy for BE to even exist, as before server owners who wanted a vanilla server had to turn on rocket just to install an anti-cheat plugin.

Every anti-cheat will fail in fully doing it’s job. Anti-cheats ban hacks to which devs have access to. Anyone could learn how to program and make a cheat that won’t be detectable for atleast half a year.

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I have yet to ever see or find any proof that people could spawn items in. I remember back in 2.0 people could, but 3.0? I’ve never seen it. Though I’m fairly certain teleportation and etc is entirely possible.

I’m almost fairly certain Rocket doesn’t even have the capacity for people to make an anti-cheat with it. I’ve never seen such a thing, heard of such a thing, or played a server that boasted about it’s own custom anti-cheat. So I’ll assume it’s non-existant. I’m happy BE exists but it is failing to fulfill it’s job as good as it does in other games.

And again, this post isn’t only about BE, it’s about server staff not having the tools to catch and punish cheaters too.

welp ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I wonder if it’s possible to “tag” a player (via admin) and then have everything he does recorded in depth by the server.

Just individuals, so the server does not crumple up and die.

Per say, there is a teleport check, if he goes faster than the fastest vehicle to a point, he has teleport hack (exemption of course, admin Tele)

Then a item check, when and what “zone” he found it it (whould require editor tricks, or ties to location name nodes). If he found a rocket launcher at spawn/random little town with military gear, the admin can factcheck and catch that.

Exa, exa.

Maybe this is a way to help, of course this can be thwarted, but say he is at “small town” via confirmed teleport check, and he “found” the mini gun at the same time at the military base…

Mean, its a idea. Thoughts?

Not sure. I thought auth physics already did that. If player is going x speed, and that speed goes faster than y limit, lag him back.

Well my idea was to let him go as fast as he wants, but he whould be “tagged” when he did, how far, how fast, and if possible where. Tag on vehicle true or false and well he just left himself a paper trail.

Hey man, I just want to let you know that you have a lot of unread notifications. Have a good day!

BattleEye just prevents the cheat from being loaded. No reading/writing memory, no loading sketchy drivers, and other such things. It doesn’t fix anything exploitable in the game itself. There will always be a way for people to figure out how to cheat, it will not stop them 100%. The best that BattleEye does is prevent skids from pasting some cheat and loading it through simple injection methods. That stops like 99% of the cheaters though, since a lot of people use public crap like MSZ. The issue is with Unturned, there are a shitton of things that you can take advantage of and use in cheats. The reason you never find cheaters in other BattleEye games is because there are no blatant exploits to take advantage of. The best that those hacks can do are ESP/NoRecoil/Aimbot, all of which you probably wouldn’t be able to notice right away.

I don’t know what kind of “tools” you’d want to catch cheaters. Anything that nolson places on the client will be circumvented ez. /spy was a futile attempt that was defeated in just a couple of days. What he should be doing is improving his game to patch exploits that the hacks are using. The best tool is your pair of eyes; many hacks in Unturned are blatant so you can spot and ban people who use them easily. Shit like shooting through walls and flying vehicles are both examples of blatant hacks. Nolson should focus on patching the exploits that allow these things to happen. Placing hack detection tools on the Unturned client is pointless and you should be observing the player in order to figure out if they are cheating or not.

On the topic of server-sided anti-cheats: It’s possible to make a server-sided anti-cheat, but it would be extremely tedious to do so. You’d have to get your hands on a copy of a cheat and analyze how it works; many cheats are obfuscated so it would be pretty hard to figure out what they do. After finding out how the chits work, you’d have to do a bunch of method redirection and reimplement nolson’s code in your own methods along with a couple of your changes to combat what the cheats do. There’s a bunch of reflection involved and every time he releases an update changing something that you patched, it’ll break the game and you’d have to update your plugin. Probably not worth it tbh

I think a very good solution would be to have replays or sorts. You know how some games log everyones movements in a little file like DOOM or Fortnight? It doesn’t take much space up, since it’s not recording the screen and individual pixels, it’s just recording the movements of people. If a server could save these movements and delete them after say, a day (to save space because people wouldn’t take a day to report a hacker) then staff could somehow, someway easily just watch the clip.

See the guy shoot through where a wall is? Easy ban. I think it’s very do-able, imo.

Thanks for confirming that.

I’ve arrived a lot later to this post than I would have liked, but pretty much everything has been said. However, I would like to point out that there’s a lot of holes here in the story itself.

Helicopters (as well as all aircraft in the game other than the Auto Gyro and Blimp) actually can explode after you jump out. I’ve had it happen myself many times - the falling speed of the aircraft is enough to keep the rotors/propellers spinning for a while longer, which at the right angle, can cause the aircraft to blow up as it hits the ground.

You should never rely fully on an anti-cheat engine to weed out hackers entirely. There can and will always be a way around them, and as I said previously, it’s a constant arms race. That said, Battleye is still one of the best anti-cheat engines that exist.

Even in games like R6S, there are actually a lot of hackers that make it past Battleye. It’s only the shitty hackers that get caught.

I’d totally be up for this but I’m unsure as to how exactly one would go about it.

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the issue that unturned got hit just by script kiddies and not titan hack repositries, installing at least an EAC would move em to private hacks over than public

Too much to read all the comments but me and my premade where taking our helicopter yesterday but since my premade can’t fly it… He flew into the border and said “get out” and whet the helicopter landed it was boom… No one was inside of it…

This has happend to me a few times before.

As far as I’m concerned, BattlEye has done a great job at weeding out any noticeable hackers since it’s implementation whenever I’ve been playing. I have yet to see or recall a single indisputable cheater for years.

However, I do like the idea of implementing more tools for servers to use such as the suggested demo recorder where it tracks their movements. In addition to this, something like a warning for suspicious behavior could also be sent to server owners with a time stamp for:

-Perfect kills without missing (aimbot).

-Staying in close proximity to ungrouped players for an extended period of time (following with walls).

-And players getting shot while one is inside of a building or base and the other isn’t (shooting through things).

These probably wouldn’t detect cheaters in most situations when it’s triggered, but it would give admins something to review rather than having to watch through everyone’s entire playtime or waiting for someone to throw out an accusation.

Lot of replies to this post here, so just gonna reply to people “generally.”

Ignoring the anti-cheat side of things for now, I can say that although Unturned likely won’t be getting too many updates regarding server tools, Unturned II plans to have significantly better tools for admins (and will likely be the main focus of August alongside the other server-related things).

I believe a replays feature has been mentioned for version 3 before, but isn’t realistic due to issues with the core framework of the game.

As for other administrative tools, I am unsure whether or not Nelson would choose to add them. If they were to be added, I’d say they’d likely be added around the same time Unturned II gets server tools, either before (to see how well they fare in Unturned) or after (as a result of having a good idea as to what Unturned could most benefit from).


This was the information we all needed.

Bot Molton connected to the server.

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See the following two paragraphs that came immediately after the one you replied to.

It’s not a mindset of abandoning Unturned (3.0). It’s that the game has limitations, and many of those limitations are mostly unavoidable without a rework of the game’s core framework.

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my bad. I had that reply made yesterday and posted it right now thinking I forgot to post it yesterday, but I never posted it yesterday because yeahhh I forgot about what you said before that. My bad. I’m kinda all over the place

Sorry for any inconvenience, but I however would enjoy if this thread was revived. I actively point to this thread in regards to when people ask about the state of the AC. However, they criticize that the post is simply preaching without giving solutions to the problem

I personally think BE is the big gay, and that Nelson needs to implement more tools and utilities for Server Staff in order to stop this stuff. I think the most perfect, easiest way to go about this is the kind of stuff DOOM, Halo, and Fortnite use - where every player movement and key is logged so that entire situations can be played back at any angle at any timeframe.

The best part is that these files are usually miniscule in size, or atleast in comparison to a screen recording. Client-Sides wouldn’t log this information to prevent abuse - unless perhaps the server config.json allows them to for certain gamemodes. While the server is always allowed to log this.

Ultimately this would add an amazing feature to the base game itself for players to be able to replay amazing footage without screen capture - aswell as being a great tool for server staff

If you have other ideas or suggestions then go ahead

Also before you say yadda yadda this would be impossible for 3.0 because x y z - well then I guess it’s just a suggestion for 4.0