Thoroughly disgusted by Battleye's Unturned anticheat


Sorry for any inconvenience, but I however would enjoy if this thread was revived. I actively point to this thread in regards to when people ask about the state of the AC. However, they criticize that the post is simply preaching without giving solutions to the problem

I personally think BE is the big gay, and that Nelson needs to implement more tools and utilities for Server Staff in order to stop this stuff. I think the most perfect, easiest way to go about this is the kind of stuff DOOM, Halo, and Fortnite use - where every player movement and key is logged so that entire situations can be played back at any angle at any timeframe.

The best part is that these files are usually miniscule in size, or atleast in comparison to a screen recording. Client-Sides wouldn’t log this information to prevent abuse - unless perhaps the server config.json allows them to for certain gamemodes. While the server is always allowed to log this.

Ultimately this would add an amazing feature to the base game itself for players to be able to replay amazing footage without screen capture - aswell as being a great tool for server staff

If you have other ideas or suggestions then go ahead

Also before you say yadda yadda this would be impossible for 3.0 because x y z - well then I guess it’s just a suggestion for 4.0

Replays suggestion to combat hackers and save good moments