Those animations though

The animations we seen in devlog 15 are so damn good and smooth I couldn’t even think about the car lol (the car physics and the car itself are both cool too).

My desire to play this just went through the roof.

GJ Nelson


Yes. It looks epic :slight_smile:

epic gamer moment

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Indeed the animations are splendid! The player model and the car actually feel like they have some weight now instead of just gliding on the surface like they do in 3.0.

The animation still needs work since the character model isn’t the correct one to represent the animation with. Cuz with 3rd person view, it looked wonky how your arm flails on the car door as you open it

heh, ok, epic.

In my opinion, The animations are kinda shit, like, dont fit with the model, and the transition of on foot to opening door is kinda bad. need a lot of work.

ikr, epic.

My only problem was that the character looked a bit odd. It seemed like his arms were too long or something, I dunno :slightly_smiling_face:

23 DAYS LATER :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:

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