Thoughts on DayZ?

What does everyone think about the first real zombie survival game, Dayz? In my opinion, the game shows promise but the development is taking a little long.


In my opinion, development taking a little long is an understatement.

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That is true. Features that they promised in 2015 don’t show any sign of progress and the game is as buggy as it was 2 years ago.


Honestly the game is entering a failure state, the developers have practically abandoned the game, it’s chalk full of bugs, the player base is dying and the fact that an indie game like unturned has already come out of EA isn’t helping them look better. Players of DayZ standalone are moving to better games like rust.


The fact that the developers are persevering to do the hard work of rewriting all those old systems is really impressive and dedicated in my opinion. I hope they don’t give into the negative feedback because in the long run it could really pay off.


You know what’s funny about Unturned is that when Nelson takes a week off or more, people are already becoming frantic, or at anytime people think the game is dead.

But yeah, on the plus side DayZ had a good run. It’s probably the center point of zombie survival games in which when people think of the genre it’s always ‘DayZ’ in their mind. There’s nothing else more memorable than it, even alternatives like 7 Days To Die.

Development is very slow, but I think it already has done a great job by keeping people interested into playing for a long time. Not all games can survive for several years


If they were able to pull a Nelson with having at least monthly updates, they might have been able to escape Early Access Hell. At its current state I don’t see that happening, but in the future maybe. The thing is at this rate we don’t know when that future will be.


My thoughts on DayZ

The game has been in early access for quite a while and is quite buggy the developers are great for the hardwork there doing at the backend rewriting stuff as nelson ( @SDGNelson ) said but they should do some work on the numerous bugs that pluage the game and mabey do some media changes, but the game itself is quite good.

I agree on that

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