Thoughts On: The Ukraine Vs Russia RP Shutdown

I will admit. Seeing this is just… upsetting.

From my friends reports, discussions and what we have seen, as well as what we tried to do. I agree with this decision. These servers are immoral capitalizations on real world conflicts for attention and players, as well as potentially money through server donations. This includes servers which were predominantly operated by Russians or Ukrainians, keep in mind.

Nelson’s response to this was, in my eyes, a stark contradiction which seems to come from an intuitive focus by Nelson on engaging in public activism through using Unturned as a vessel, rather than making moral choices. To make it clear, I won’t shed a tear for what has happened, rather, I want to state my concerns for the philosophy Nelson has had, and the hypocrisy therein.

Here’s some questions.
Why wasn’t this ban done with any NATO vs PACT server that had Ukrainian themed kits?
Why wasn’t this ban instated on anyone roleplaying wars that, at the time, were still ongoing in the Middle East? Afghanistan RP servers were a thing, yet Nelson only chose to act when a hot button political topic Nelson has showed interest in, alongside members of the community, that being Ukraine, was named.
Were the Muslims, thereby, less worthy of protective action?
Were the coalition of international elements deployed in NATO thereby not worthy of respite?
Respite from being reminded and meme’d in games roleplaying the deaths of their friends?

We can levy all of these points against Ukrainian war roleplay communities, however we cannot underestimate the amount of hypocrisy that this action displays.

Not only that, but this shows that SDG is willing to go beyond their previously stated guidelines to attack get rid of elements of the community that Nelson dislikes, and have been willing all this time. Nelson also outright dismissing negative votes when Nelson’s choice was considered unpopular in the polls by a pretty decent percentage is not just disingenuous of Nelson, but also quite… comedic? It also shows that Nelson is willing to disregard the word of his fanbase in order to, again, prioritize his political initiative above the players beliefs, even when calling on the player’s opinion.

This also has me wonder. If Nelson is willing to ban for moral concerns, why has he shown a complete lack of any tangible desire to remove known predators and other harmful figures from the Unturned community? It seems as though his excuses hold less water each day as major servers host active dangers to children. You could argue that such heinous matters as child predation are better suited for the authorities, and I definitely agree, however taking your own immediate protective actions by booting these predators off. If you are so willing to enforce what you see as morally righteous onto the Unturned community, then why not spread that to other matters? Surely something so heinous that it’s illegal would be something you would moderate. However, when situations like one which will be discussed in an upcoming video by someone who I have recently talked to who met someone who has been victimized by a top to bottom comprehensive list of misconduct, you give meaningless token cookie-cutter corporate responses and dismiss it.

You can do better. You should. Until now, your one solid excuse for doing nothing was that you were some heavily disconnected entity that wouldn’t ban entities except for very very specific lenient reasons that were already previously stated, with several warnings being issued to help prevent that ban. That excuse has been gutted by your recent conduct, and although you may look towards silencing people (of which there are many more people than just me), I feel as though we deserve a response. Not a cover-up. You may try hiding it by silencing people in the forums, but I personally cannot wait to see if you’ll choose to DMCA videos that go over negative aspects of Unturned.



@staswalle might have a clue about what I’m discussing, considering they, another activist, also tried to keep things about this all hush hush


There is a lot of topics to discuss that look like something that should be taken care of. For example, the skin “traders”. This is something that a person would do with intentions of making money and I have no issues with that, at all. If someone has something you want it is in their best interest to name a higher price, but within reason. That is how trading is done, trader should not be at a loss. However, there are certain figures in unturned trading community that are succeeding not by trading honestly, but rather by predatoring on children and fooling people into selling their whole inventory for dimes. And being extremely rude and toxic while they’re at it. For all that I have seen, for the past couple years there was no action taken against those people and they continue using their predatory tactics to rob people clean.


We can also talk about the “exclusive club” of the Unturned community that inhabits the SDG forums, Unturned workshop and YouTube. It is essentially what one would call a circle jerk. Unturned “elitist” group that almost always supports each-other’s statements and seems to have direct contact with Nelson and to a certain degree some influence on the game’s course.
Also is a part of why these forums are essentially an echo chamber made out of ten and a half people all licking developer’s feet.


We can also talk about the “exclusive club” of the Unturned community that inhabits the SDG forums, Unturned workshop and YouTube.

I know about this one firsthand and can attest to there being a lot of underground dealings that go on.
Some people know this already but Zoliworks is pretty much Nelson’s plant. Nelson does a lot of the work for Zoliworks and Zoli publishes it.

Danaby2 and Renaxon are pretty much the two star figures in Unturned’s mapping scene and it seems as though their opinion is held above other members of the community who try to engage in it.

After controversies relating to the 2SLGBTQIA+, Nelson picked up some voices who have henceforth been supported above others, to the point where I can safely say that they are one of the few voices in the spectrum of minorities that is given significant attention. Unturned’s pride month showcases this year demonstrated that, with how priority was put on the vocal voices which managed to push themselves into the circle rather than anyone else.


O-ho-ho, there goes a proof of me not being a complete schizo. I knew that the second I saw all the “thank you for helping with Elver” and some videos of the closed playtest of the map.

Now, I have no fucking idea what Zoliworks is and I would like to know more, if you don’t mind sharing. You can do it in private, if you don’t want it to be public.

Regarding the modding scene - yet another confirmation of my schizoid theories being true. That is the thing all of my more or less informed still Unturned-playing friends absolutely agree with me on. There are only skins from two and a half people all the time. Same goes to curated maps. There are a couple cases of one-time or two-time skin creators making it to the stockpile, but you know the usual names already. Not to mention that apparently there are unspoken/unwritten “rules” regarding the skin submissions I accidentally discovered browsing the workshop a year ago. There was this skin, “Tacticool Maplestrike”, real high-quality work, with a lot of likes and steam point awards, yet never accepted to the game. Turns out, Nelson implemented the model override feature, accepted a couple of skins by the chosen ones and then decided that he doesn’t accept custom mesh submissions anymore, “as not to confuse people on what the gun actually is”. So what to do with the already added custom meshes then? That’s right, we keep them. I honestly wanted to start making skins at some point, to dabble in map-making even, but I see no point, as the chances of your work being accepted/curated seem so unlikely, that many newcomers probably decide it’s not even worth trying.


I’d like to touch on a few of the things mentioned, just to help clear some confusion:

  • Servers have long been moderated for appropriacy of content. E.g., we’ve previously had to moderate servers or Workshop content for hateful content, cheats/hacks, etc. when it’s been provable and there was malicious intent involved.

  • We often use third-party sites to gauge opinions/feedback. This poll was to gauge opinions, although certain servers had encouraged players to copy-paste replies and vote a specific way. Ideally, we’d like to have a more obvious polling system available in-game for players to use.

  • 3D custom mesh skins are rarely accepted, yeah (most new cosmetics/skins are from new curated maps in general, currently). They take a bit longer to implement than 2D item skins do, on top of the aforementioned concerns regarding silhouettes. I’d personally like to see more custom mesh skins – there’s a few from both well-known and lesser-known players that I personally think are really cool, and I think there’s some other public discussions about skins/cosmetics in general where more of our and community members’ thoughts can be found.

  • All trades should be done through Steam’s trading system only. If you’ve been scammed by someone through Steam’s trading services, you should reach out to Steam Support here: Steam Support :: My Items Are Missing or Were Stolen. We also have a support article about this, which can be found here:

    • If you’ve been scammed while using Steam’s trading services and the trade was initiated through our Steam Discussions or Discord server, you can report the scammer’s post as well.
    • If you’ve been scammed because you’ve made a trade outside of Steam’s trading services, you will likely have to file a support ticket with whatever service you used.

Closing the topic though, as it’s already started to devolve into encouraging people to harass other community members and false theories, which isn’t okay and is not an appropriate use of the forum.