Thoughts on youtube rewind 2019

what do you think about the new rewind?

Didn’t even paid attention that it got released, at least it’s self-aware of what happened with last year’s one.

Bad thing in appearance is that the video is basically a top-10 video style, clearly the budget was all spent in 2018.

Got Pewds and Minecraft tho :side_grin_zombie_:


Could of been a lot better

youtube needs to stop doing rewinds.


I don’t think they got the idea of a ‘better’ rewind.

If they did they wouldn’t cut their budget and devolve into the same style as the first rewind in an attempt to pander the internet.

It’s not a ‘2019 highlights’, just a plain old ‘Top videos of 2019’ that any major top list youtuber would even do. Well I can’t blame them for going with the safe method


Not bad, not good. Personally I think it’s the best they could have done without risking it.

its a meh
A Massive fucking meh
it isn’t great
it isn’t bad
its just a meh

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Its just bad literally there are even people that had so many dislikes or were so cringe but still made it in. IM TRIGGERED

It’s obvious they wanted to play it safe. No budget, didn’t even both getting new footage. I do think it works better for what Rewind wants to be though. The old style worked better when YouTube was a niche thing but as it became more and more diverse, they aren’t able to be a fun community anymore, just because of how things work. 2019 Rewind is probably how they should be from now on, it works better as a reflection of the year anyways


YouTube is still full of hypocrites, they’re out of touch and elitist. They’ve learned NOTHING from last year or even for the past two years.

If an entire community shared the same kind of attitude, I wouldn’t blame them for being out-of-touch. Nothing is an overstatement.

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watch mojo top ten

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