Thread: The Nevada curated project from 2017

This is a crosspost of sorts to a Twitter Thread I made earlier today, link here:

Do y’all remember/ever heard of the Nevada project?

probably one of the earliest curated map projects for Unturned, a lot of work that went into it was lost media… until recently!

For a bit of context: Bungo, Jackostar and some other devs I can’t recall started this project pretty early in the curated scene; Around the time the original Ireland wasn’t out and Hawaii was still relatively new/getting an update.

since it was a pretty early bird, a lot of the stuff made exclusively for it looked really good for the time - some of which aged a bit poorly in comparison to newer maps - but for the time? it looked really promising. Specially considering that a lot of these teasers preceded Germany or other curated maps, like Ireland.

Sadly the project is lost media - there are no archives of the models or the map files, and they were deleted by the devs after the project was cancelled. The only remains we had are some images you can find in Google/Reddit from Bungo’s posts, like the GPS, clothes, and guns!


The other thing we had was a video from a russian player who showcased some clothes that were teased by the devs in the Nevada discord:

Fortunately, the video’s description credited a VK “Info/Memes UNTURNED” page, and upon further investigation, me and Toothy Derryte found out that they seemingly documented nearly every Nevada teaser posted in their Discord back in the day!


Assorted pictures from Nevada, without the VK stuff:

A lot of images posted in the VK page don’t show up when searching on Google Images, so you’d prob imagine these images were lost to time, but apparently not!

the page that archived all the teasers can be found here: Info/mems UNTURNED | VK

One interesting thing I found out about Nevada while browsing the Forums, is that apparently it was never confirmed as a curated map! And that it apparently got cancelled after infighting between the devs… The former which Molton himself confirmed, and the latter being hearsay from myself. I can argue it was at least a project that aimed for curation, though.

Once again, I have to thank Toothy Derryte for helping me find these pictures, as otherwise it would always stay as an obscure VK page’s posts, while we’d assume most things from the map were lost media.

also fun fact: Rio’s Thumper was named after Nevada’s!


Thanks for reading!


Bruh we got unturned lost media :pirate_skull:


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