Three minor / major bugs to report here

  • HMG’s work underwater so long as you start firing before you go under. I’ve exploited this before for underwater bases - it’s kinda bad

  • In the Icons folder the Matamorez still has a 10 bullet mag, and 25 bullet extended mag as the file name

  • I think this is still an evident problem. I know this is caused by something to do with mod optimization, but you could made a config.json option to verify client-side with server-side files to prevent this abomination of a exploit from being easily done


Ok. Nelson will need to see this.


honestly the HMG thing is fun for underwater bases


The title reminded me of something I want to forget. Someone kill me.



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rain you bullshitted me an action movie


The problem with changing the name of the Matamorez files is that they would disappear from inventories in servers if they were changed.


In the past you would get kicked for client files being out of sync with server, but eventually I conceded to disable those checks because it made running even slightly modded servers so much extra hassle.

It’s sort of a trade-off for the exploiter as well, because even if they can see through they then won’t be able to properly walk on or shoot at those objects - the server will prevent them from shooting through, and if it’s a building for example they won’t be able to walk in it without rubberbanding like crazy.


everybody gangsta til the matamorez start dissapearing

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Thats why in the video I only deleted buildings that took up lots of space - however I knew where they were. Things like the towers I do not loot (Especially PEI Summerside towers) or hesco’s surrounding Volk are completely avoidable so long as you’ve played once or twice before.

Other buildings don’t have to be deleted, like the buildings you suggest would be “the trade off” - like actual buildings in Volk that I want to run through and loot. Ontop of this theres nothing stopping a duo or larger team from just having a single player that can see through everything and spot nearby players or loot.

TL;DR I could still definitely exploit this, which is why I suggested this option only be auto-enabled or manually disabled in the event someone adds mods to a server. Theres still the other two minor bugs

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