Throwable Slot

A throwable slot in addition to the primary and secondary.
An assignable quickkey to go with it too.

Chuck throwable items by pressing the assigned key while still being able to have a weapon out.
Will make actions/tactics involving grenades or flashbangs a lot smoother and less clunky.

Disagreeing because it conflicts with suggestions for being able to throw any item.

Also conflicts with most hotkey-based ideas, such as holstered items or quick-slots (though I personally don’t agree with a fair share of the hotkey-based ideas).

Edit 1:

Possibly a toggleable option that allows for auto-switching back to your previous item after throwing something, but I don’t see this being a gameplay mechanic tbh.

I don’t think primary/secondary slots even exist rn, at least not visually in the inventory. Would need a new gameplay demo released to reconfirm this though, as our information about the user interface is getting quite old.

Edit 2:

Alternative proposal: take GHJ’s skill system and have a skill/perk that increases item unequip/equip speed for most thrown projectiles.

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I would definitely like this to be a feature for grenades/smokes/flares.


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