Throwing mechanics

Holding the mouse scroll while holding a melee weapon, an ax, a sword opens a target for throwing.

The weapon will be pin if it hits a surface, it would be nice to work with ragdolls, it would be nice to have a ragdoll with an ax stuck in his face.


It’s a good idea, actually it would be quite epic to throw an axe at a zombie…

Other than that… Don’t you think you could gather your ideas in one topic and then upload it? Lately you’re making a lot of short posts like this one with small ideas.
In a previous post of yours you were told but it seems you didn’t read it.


why not let us throw everything the culling style? they shouldn’t do too much damage, but come on, we have blinkers and custom plates on cars, I’m sure we can fit throwing in there somewhere


I read it but it was after I made this post.


Oh sorry didnt look at the dates :sweat_smile:

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