Time for a rebalance update? Opinions

Since we are getting so many great updates recently, I thought to suggest a rebalancing one to fix some of the gameplay issues we encounter stats wise

Please be mindfull and read other suggestions before posting your own to make sure we dont send multiple of the same

here’s mine: Nerf automatic rifles like the maplestrike, make adaptive chambering even more scarce and make the toxic bar only heal with vaccine’s


Dunno what making the Maple have slower ROF would do as it’s pretty much par for the course. Not opposed to it, but I don’t think it’s a very huge balance issue.

A weapon that I say needs to be looked at the most is… the Nykorev. I’ve made a post about it before, and basically it’s a Legendary tier hunk of junk. It has AR tier firerate, with SMG tier damage, with recoil that makes some of the most uncontrollable guns look tame.

Changing meds in that particular way… not really sure what the point of that is. There’s some meds like vitamins that only really exist to reduce toxicity. Even then, they’re scarce enough that when a player finds them all they manage to do is postpone death until you can find a vaccine, unless tipping point/above 50%. A more useful change to meds would be making the animations for most healing significantly slower, immobilizing, and heal over time. Being able to recover all lost health after 1.3 seconds while jumping around erratically is… unimpressive to say the least.


agreed, I just threw the maplestrike out as its one of the more disliked weapons out there, but it isnt one of the biggest problems.

I’ve basically forgotten about the Nykorev in all honesty… and you make some good points on it
I also think maybe ammo should be scarcer (its literally everywhere, at least on easy servers which is basically the only type of server that exists now) And primitive weapons like bows should be buffed in a manner to motivate people on using the starter weapons for a longer time and not just ~2 minutes

As for the meds, in my experience I can just run into an official map’s pharmacy and get enough pills to fill up my toxic/radiation bar to full, not having a need for finding vaccine’s making it almost pointless excluding rp scenarios. Medkits should not be as overpowered, and I agree on increasing the time to apply medical items. Maybe add a block that prevents you from healing while running around and jumping?


What? It’s one of the most loved guns out there. What are you on about? Lol

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But ignoring the maplestrike then, the game still needs some rebalancing imho

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The game is too old at this point to make massive balance changes and adaptive chambering rarity is relative to the map you are on. If you try to make big nerfs and balancing changes you’re just going to piss people off. Also, some weapons are intentionally better than others so that players have a goal to strive for and for the incentive of pvp. EG) Maplestrike on Washington. If the game was a year or two old I wouldn’t care but now isn’t the time to make big changes. In the event that Maplestrikes were nerfed and not replaced with a new rare item to strive for I would quit the game. (obviously PEI doesn’t count, honestly, a different rifle should be more common place)


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