Time-limited Stockpile Skins/Cosmetics

Just wanted to start discussions on some of the actually upcoming features for Unturned.

So, this one to start off:

Old skins leave the item store after some amount of time

My view on this is pretty simple. Although I don’t know Nelson’s intentions for the feature, I believe this would be best reserved for cosmetics and skins that are themed around certain (holiday) events in the game.

I don’t think we should see it used similar to how maps can be timed curated, because the reasons maps get timed don’t apply here. I wouldn’t mind seeing it used for potential non-holiday events though.

The system should probably be automatic, so those same skins and cosmetics can reappear every year around the same time without much hassle. This would also allow skins to be accepted in advance, and then just get made for sale to the public when the event actually starts (no more waiting for a random Friday each year; it can be consistent).

However, to compensate for players not being able to get those skins and cosmetics from the Stockpile during the rest of the year, right after an event ends those skins/cosmetics could just become marketable (and stay marketable even in the following years).

Polls end on… May 11, 2018 12:00 AM

  • Only holiday-themed skins should be timed.
  • Any and/or all skins should be timed.

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  • Skins and cosmetics from the Stockpile that are timed should become marketable.
  • Skins and cosmetics from the Stockpile that are timed should stay unmarketable.

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