Time passes fast

Hello everyone, how have you guys been doing these years? I used to be some kind of active user near the beginning of the forum. I used to be 14 back then, now I’m 18 and just amazed how much I have evolved in this time, I tried looking trough my post history and I just died of cringe lmao, so I apologize for the people that had to endure me back then.

This forum inspired me to go forward, and keep learning stuff. One of the things that I was inspired to do from this place was programming. Seeing Nelson’s devblogs and projects made by the community always amazed me. So I kept trying to code and learn about computers. I’m now the head of the programming department of a FTC robotics team, I’m also preparing to get into get into university on computer science.

It sounds like a cliché but if you want to achieve something, keep practicing, don’t give up, you are going to get there in the end only if you don’t stop.

But all I can say in the end it’s thanks, thanks to all the wonderful people on here. It was so nice coming from school and reading about unturned, suggestions, random memes, fights, and shitposts.


You made it, or at the very least are in the process of making it.


Since you’re 18, have a beer in the name of de-cringing yourself in 4 years. It’s a good feeling.


no have one now

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