To-do Before #20



Sorry that this one has been so long coming!

Ideally it will be ready beforehand, but I will need to take some time for the next update to 3 soon: the issues list on GitHub has really piled up and Steel Series sent me a keyboard to integrate the lights effects which I should do soon.

That said these are the 4.0 to-dos I want to finish before the next devlog:

  • Cleaning up “locking” restrictions on interactables so that they are more re-usable, e.g. numeric lock on a safe code should also be useful for doors. Haven’t implemented much of this yet but I do want to have the numeric lock concept especially working soon
  • Misc combat fixups, e.g. 1P chest should be counter-animated when looking down but not 3P chest, proper rifle range with moving targets and whatnot
  • Sniper rifle + scope and misc remaining attachment refactoring


Can we make this a banner?
Molt get on it.

made this a banner . It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user. #3




Ukrainian translation needs polishing tho


do people with gold get the key?, cause i have gold.:thinking:


Very epic Nelson.
Thank you


lord Nelson* >:c


No, the people that get the key are the regulars in the forums that have shown their upmost dedication in the forums and suggestions for 4.0’s development.


Not entirely correct. People that got it through the forum were handpicked, not all the regulars got one. Aside from that Nelson gave keys to people he knows aswell.


This served to increase my hype LET’S SEE A SNIPER


ok epics, this is gamer


Got a feeling the next devlog is gonna be the biggest one yet :grin:



Ok, I’ll just sit here and wait for that devlog.
Veeery patiently.


where the dev log ? :steamfrown: :steamfrown:


KingFrog :steam_friendly: ForeverBlue

Dun ask


Yeah, i should’ve said “the more influential forum users” instead, probably makes for better wording. Still, the influencial ones are pretty much the ones that are everywhere, posting answers, constructive criticism and giving suggestion. More particularly, suggestions that are though-out and well-made. Not another rocket system suggestion.


Again, there is no rush to do all of this. Take the time you need as well as the rest you need before exhausting yourself. We understand that there could possibly be many issues to deal with on your side, therefor I do not wish to put any pressure on you more than you already have. No matter how much it takes, it’ll be good. Because we know the content you give to your audience. Cant wait for Devblog 20, keep it up


wait it took me a bit to notice…

wheres the bullet point saying you are gonna showcase your beard progress…?


I have mastered the art of patience… NelsoN what thE h e c k dude >:((((( jk keep up the good work