Toggleable Navigation

I had this idea last night, around 3 AM, so it’s either really stupid or a decent idea. What if we could be able to allow navigation nodes to be disabled. Let’s say you complete The Wolf’s Den quest, and along with the rewards of the quest, the navigation would be disabled, preventing zombies from spawning, or let’s say you have an NPC town, and after a certain quest is finished, a navigation node activates there, allowing for Zombies to spawn. This idea is only really good for Maps that are trying to tell a story, or for RP maps.


Not possible. NPC content is client-side in Unturned 3. Even if it was server-side, this would end up just conflicting with your multiplayer aspect.

This type of feature is better in MMORPGs imo, where you can just have an ongoing campaign of missions players do where, depending on the outcome, something like that affects the world for everyone. Doesn’t work that well in this game.

You can always dream though.